Mathematics Course Detail


YTZ offer comprehensive and results-driven Maths tuition at our centres for Key Stages 1-4 and A-level, including 11 Plus, SATs, GCSE, AS and A2 exam preparation.
Classes are led by professional teachers using a structured scheme of works in line with the National Curriculum. Small, ability-based classes and a positive, engaging environment enable students to strengthen their subject knowledge and achieve their target grades while learning at a manageable pace.
For students struggling with a topic, our teaching assistants with advanced Maths knowledge are on hand to provide one-to-one assistance.
Our weekly classes run all-year round, supporting school learning and stimulating students to work at or above school level.
In addition to our weekly classes, we provide booster lessons aimed at strengthening challenging subject areas and intensive revision courses in the run-up to the exams.

Primary Support – Key Stages 1 and 2 – Years 1-6, Ages 5-11

During their primary years, students:
• Develop confidence and mental fluency with numbers, counting, and place value
• Learn addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication
• Discover different shapes and use a range of measures
• Learn to solve problems
Our Key Stage 1 Maths tuition familiarises students with the fundamentals of Numeracy, while helping them reach their age group target levels, giving them a solid foundation for the rest of their education, and developing their confidence and social interaction skills.
In Key Stage 2 Maths tuition, we continue developing all the elements of the numeracy syllabus, ensuring students absorb and apply new knowledge at a consistent and manageable pace.
Our Key Stage 2 Maths classes aim to:
• Build students’ levels up before they start 11 Plus preparation in Year 5
• Prepare students for SATs and the transition to secondary school in Year 6

Key Stage 3 – Years 7-9, Ages 11-14

Key milestones for Key Stage 3 Maths:
• Consolidate numerical and mathematical ability from Key Stage 2
• Reason mathematically to extend and formalise knowledge
• Solve problems, evaluate outcomes, and model situations mathematically
Beginning from Year 7, students learn over a dozen subjects and often need supplementary tuition to maintain focused learning.
Our Key Stage 3 Maths tuition supports students during this significant growth period by improving and consolidating their school learning, while encouraging participation and building their confidence levels.
Our teachers are experienced at identifying each student’s individual abilities and talents, quickly recognising if a subject area needs to be honed or the student is ready for more advanced learning.

GCSE – Years 10-11, Ages 14-16

Our GCSE Maths tuition is a 2-year course at either Foundation or Higher level, structured in accordance with the main exam boards.
Our weekly classes are aimed at supporting school learning and developing effective exam taking skills. GCSE Maths students develop knowledge, skills and application of mathematical methods and concepts such as Functional Maths, Algebra, Geometry, Measures, Statistics, and Probability.
We recommend starting Maths GCSE tuition at the start of Year 10, giving students the best chance to absorb and apply their knowledge at a manageable pace.
We run additional intensive revision classes in February and during the Easter break to get students into the best shape for the exams.

A-level – 6th Form, Ages 16-18

We provide A-level Maths tuition at both AS and A2 levels. The course lasts 2 years with modules including Core Maths, Mechanics, Statistics, and Decision Maths, all assessed by exams.
The first year of study leads to AS level and includes 2 compulsory modules in Core Maths plus a choice of one of the other modules.
Having completed AS level, students may decide to take another 3 modules to gain an A2 level in Maths.
Our A-level Maths tuition is aimed at giving students a thorough grounding in the mathematical tools and techniques, as well as developing the logic and reasoning skills valuable in the mathematical career field and beyond. We prepare students for exam assessments in accordance with their chosen qualification provider